About Brighton Cultural Arts Commission

BCAC provides grant assistance through SCFD and Lodging Tax dollars to Arts and Cultural groups and activities that contribute so much to the city of Brighton.

What We Do

  • Brighton Public Art Committee (BPAC) is a subcommittee of the BCAC and was established in 2019.
  • BPAC is a decision-making body and advisory to BCAC. 
  • PAC recommends which works of art should be acquired by BCAC through SCFD and Lodging Tax funding. Purchased works are donated to the city.
  • BPAC oversees extensive procedures for the selection of art.
  • BPAC coordinates the placement and display of art throughout the city. BPAC maintains and repairs public art that has been donated to the city.  This duty has become the responsibility of BCAC and BPAC due to the lack of funding for the care of the city’s public art collection.

Enhancements of Brighton Cultural Arts

  • Since 2019 BCAC has purchased and placed ten pieces of art throughout the city. The value of Public Art in Brighton is over 1.5 million dollars.
  • The current project is the mural at Founders Plaza.
  • Created a pamphlet and map of all Public art within the city.
  • Added QR codes to all pieces of art.
  • Outreach to the public for placement of Public Art at City events through surveys and voting.
  • Educational and Goal Setting Retreats 
  • Collaboration with community and county cultural groups. 
  • Fundraising, private and corporate donations.
  • 501c(3) tax exemptions.

Get to know the BCAC Members! Click here!

Arts and Culture Groups

Brighton Public Art Members

  • Wilma Rose
  • Gary Wardle
  • Laurie Maier
  • Debbie Gabriel
  • Steve Simcox
  • Kathy Wardle

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