BCAC Reveals Exciting Mural Celebrating Brighton’s Rich Heritage and Future

Brighton, August 30, 2023

The Brighton Cultural Arts Commission is thrilled to announce the selection of renowned artist Hans Joseph Geist to create a captivating mural that will showcase Brighton’s past and future at Founders Plaza. This project aims to engage and unite the community while promoting the appreciation of art and culture.

Painting of the mural has begun on the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Brighton, becoming a prominent and visually striking addition to the cityscape. Hans Joseph Geist’s exceptional artistic talent and unique vision stood out among a pool of highly talented artists who participated in a carefully crafted selection process.

“We are delighted to have Hans Joseph Geist on board for this momentous undertaking,” said Wilma Rose, Chair, of the Brighton Cultural Arts Commission. “His extraordinary artistry and ability to capture the essence of Brighton’s history and future impressed us immensely. We believe his work will not only enhance the beauty of Founders Plaza but also foster a sense of community engagement and pride.”

The mural project will be a collaborative effort, with the Brighton community encouraged to witness the artistic process firsthand. As the mural comes to life at Founders Plaza, individuals will have the opportunity to observe and appreciate the immense skill and creativity involved in its creation. Community members can actively engage, connect, and enjoy the transformative power of art. Hans began painting the mural on August 14th. and will finish towards the end of September.

The Brighton Cultural Arts Commission looks forward to unveiling this extraordinary mural, which will undoubtedly serve as a testament to the thriving artistic community in Brighton and inspire residents and visitors alike.

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